Ottawa West Karate Dojo

Dojo instructors

  1. Hashmat Khan, Sandan, Dojo Leader.

Hashmat (Hash) Khan started karate practice with Roland Duval in July 1999 at the Upper Canada Dojo which was subsequently renamed as Shotokan Karate Ottawa Dojo. He attained the rank of Shodan in 2002 (Sept-Îles, Québec), Nidan in 2006 (John Abbot College, Québec), and Sandan in 2013 (Bishop’s University, Québec). Hash moved to London, UK, in February 2002 and, later that year, started and led the first SKA London Dojo. In July 2005, Hash returned to Canada, and in 2006, he received the Canada-East Member of the Year Award from Ohshima Sensei.   Over the past 25 years of continuous practice, he has participated in many Special Trainings, technical clinics, regional and international tournaments, and anniversary celebrations in Canada, U.S., Japan, Spain, Netherlands, and France. Hash has completed 40 special trainings and led the Canada East summer special training in 2012, 2016, and 2018. These special trainings gave him unique opportunities to form strong bonds with senior and junior members.  He attended Ohshima Sensei’s practices on many occasions at the Shotokan Ohshima Dojo, near Santa Barbara, California.  During 2007 to 2012, Hash spent a significant time in Berkeley, California where he practiced and supported the Berkeley Y dojo. Hash has participated in the Nisei week tournaments held at Caltech in both individual category and as a member of Team Canada.

In September 2016, Hash established the Ottawa West Karate Dojo, with over 50 active practicing members, including kids, youth, and adults. During the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, he helped organize a weekly Zoom practice together with Simon Inwood of Montreal Dojo.  Hash has actively promoted karate in the Ottawa community. In spring 2019, he led a special 5-week karate clinic for Bank of Canada staff members. In 2023, Hash facilitated the creation of the Carleton University Karate Club with the goal of promoting karate as a martial art among university students.  Hash is also a strong supporter of monthly joint practices between the members of the two Ottawa dojos.

Family ties in Vancouver enable Hash to frequently practice with Norman Welch (Shihan, Canada Shotokan) and other seniors. He also attended special practices led by Ono Sensei during his visits to Canada between 2007 and 2018. These experiences have profoundly shaped the evolution of Hash’s personal karate practice over the years.

His motto is: Lead juniors by example.

Hashmat Khan is Associate Vice-President (Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives) and a Full Professor in the Department of Economics at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

2. Anna Yip, Shodan.